Episode 10 The Trans Brothers welcome's our very first time guests Jayce (@jrf_ftm - he/him/his) & Nikki (@nikkinakpatywak - she/her/hers)!!! In this episode we discuss visibility in the trans community and maneuvering ourselves through all the Blurred Lines.

Do I fit in here? Does this label fit for me?

We had such a great time recording this episode with both Jayce & Nikki, who brought on unique perspectives and their personal experiences. Having guests brought another element to the conversation. If you'd like to be a guest on our next episode reach out!

Both Adam & Elih decided they would just combine both their experiences in one great episode! 😄⁠
⁠Whether you've had #TopSurgery yourself, or are thinking about it, or even are just curious more about it JOIN US in this week's latest episode!!

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September 18, 2020

Episode 6 - Gym Dysphoria

Adam and Elih discuss Gym Dysphoria & their takes on it. Do you relate to the brothers? If so, share with us! We would love to hear your input on the topic.

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