Episode 10 The Trans Brothers welcome's our very first time guests Jayce (@jrf_ftm - he/him/his) & Nikki (@nikkinakpatywak - she/her/hers)!!! In this episode we discuss visibility in the trans community and maneuvering ourselves through all the Blurred Lines.

Do I fit in here? Does this label fit for me?

We had such a great time recording this episode with both Jayce & Nikki, who brought on unique perspectives and their personal experiences. Having guests brought another element to the conversation. If you'd like to be a guest on our next episode reach out!

Both Adam & Elih decided they would just combine both their experiences in one great episode! 😄⁠
⁠Whether you've had #TopSurgery yourself, or are thinking about it, or even are just curious more about it JOIN US in this week's latest episode!!

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&&& WE'RE BACK!!! Today we discuss Adam's Top Surgery! In this episode, we discuss Adam's thoughts, fears, & excitement for his upcoming surgery date scheduled for March 9th 2021.


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On this weeks episode, we discuss Elih's Top Surgery! Lots of changes has happened over the MONTHS and Elih goes in discussing some of the struggles he went through during this whole process. If you are someone with a thyroid issue, this episode might be for you! 

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September 18, 2020

Episode 6 - Gym Dysphoria

Adam and Elih discuss Gym Dysphoria & their takes on it. Do you relate to the brothers? If so, share with us! We would love to hear your input on the topic.

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Adam and Elih are back with newer and fresher content! Tune in and check out what's happened within the last year in both their lives.

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Elih, Kai, and Adam discuss their experiences navigating their sexual orientation after post-transition. Do we admire guys because we like them or because we want to look like them?

We would love to hear your thoughts & opinions on the matter! 

This week's episode Kai discusses his top surgery by answering some questions from Adam, Elih, and his personal Instagram followers. 


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On this week's Trans Brothers podcast Elih, Adam, and Kai discuss bottom surgery, generational youth, and whether or not we're Google

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The Trans Brothers

June 30, 2019

Episode 1 - RAW edition

Welcome to the Trans Brothers podcast! Your hosts are Elih, Adam, and Kai. 

On this weeks episode we discuss identifying with the Gay Flag, gender symbols, feminism & masculinity. 

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